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Coach Eric Mangini (Former Head Coach of NY Jets and Cleveland Browns, and Coach Rex Ryan (NY JETS) during the Football Fundamentals Camp 2013 © For more of my photography visit:
Legends of the NFL ©

Doug Flutie, QB New England Patriots 2005
Joe Theismann, QB Washington Redskins 1985
Coach Chris Palmer , Tennessee Titans 2012

Dan Burns, NFL Photographer  


​Dan Burns has been my mentor, friend, and teacher for the pass 3 years in my Sports Photography. He volunteers to help wounded warriors across New England who have the passion and interest for photography in Nature and Sports. 

Dan is an Air Force veteran who is taking the time to help others  excel in the world of digital sports photography. Together we have volunteered many hours providing our talent of photography to  many different nonprofit- organizations in New England. 

Dan Burns Website:

Mr. Spock receiving an Honorary Degree from Boston University, Class 2012